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Well-being coaching is available remotely via Zoom beginning March 30.

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Portrait of Madison Cappellano

Madison Cappellano


Lincoln, NE

Madison is graduate student in the Education Administration - Student Affairs Administration program. She is passionate about college access and success, and chose to intern with the Collegiate Recovery Community to learn how to best support students in recovery, along with friends, family, peers, and colleagues. Madison is energized by spending time with others. For self-care she makes sure to spend time with her dog and connect with friends and family. She also enjoys immersing herself in stories by watching television and playing games.

Portrait of Lisa Van Donk

Lisa Van Donk

She, Her, Hers

North Platte, NE

Big Red Resilience & Well-being stood out to me as a place that genuinely wants to help students out in all aspects of life, so I chose this internship because I wanted to contribute in any way I could.

Portrait of Cristal Kwan

Cristal Kwan


Arcadia, California

I’m a Community Health and Wellness major and I decided to intern with BRRWB because I wanted experience in a health promotion team and am excited to help based learn about the 9 dimensions of well-being. I watch funny videos, cute animal videos, anime and hangout with my friends for self-care.