Collegiate Recovery Community

Collegiate Recovery Community

The CRC is an anonymous group. Contact information of those who contact us will be kept private. Someone from the CRC will reach out to you shortly if you choose to provide your contact information.

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We offer a caring, supportive environment that fosters individual well-being, academic success, and character growth to transform students in recovery into leaders in our community. If you’re a Husker in or seeking recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, we’d like to connect. Share your contact info so we can get in touch with you.

The college environment can present additional challenges to students in recovery or seeking recovery from addiction. Nebraska’s Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) will support a student’s decision to remain sober by connecting students with a community of like-minded peers.

We also welcome students in or seeking recovery from other institutions as well as anyone interested in learning more about recovery at Nebraska.

Interested in supporting our community? Please make a gift to the Collegiate Recovery Community Fund.

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Recovery doesn't need to be any more difficult than it already is and that is why we are here to lend a hand to anyone in need of our support.

Jon Haag, student and founding member of the Collegiate Recovery Community

Benefits of the Collegiate Recovery Community

Research shows that students in recovery who participate in collegiate recovery programs attain higher GPAs, higher persistence rates and higher graduation rates.

Students in Nebraska's Collegiate Recovery Community will gain:

  • Social support and fellowship with other students who are in recovery
  • Access to a weekly meeting that is open to all recovery programs and provides a supportive, alcohol and drug free environment to talk with peers
  • Opportunities for leadership in the development of Nebraska's Collegiate Recovery Community
  • Referrals to specialized services such as individual counseling, well-being coaching, tutoring, and financial aid

Thankfully, I found community among those who had faced these challenges before me. They offered guidance, friendship, and showed me a new way to live. I thought I’d be miserable if I gave up substance use - turns out I’ve never been happier.

Tim Anderson, law student in recovery and Graduate Assistant, Nebraska’s Collegiate Recovery Community