Collegiate Recovery Community

Big Changes on the Horizon

In the near future, Big Red Resilience & Well-being is merging into a brand-new campus Well-being Collective.

Additional details to be announced soon. Stay tuned.

Collegiate Recovery Community

A caring, supportive, and confidential group fostering individual well-being, academic success, and character growth. CRC transforms students in recovery into leaders.

Students at UNL and other Nebraska higher-education institutions seeking help from addiction have a home in the CRC.

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Benefits of Recovery

Research shows students in recovery who participate in collegiate recovery programs attain higher GPAs, higher persistence rates and higher graduation rates.

CRC members have access to:

  • Social support and fellowship with other students in recovery.
  • Weekly meetings in an alcohol-free and drug-free environment to talk with peers. Open to all recovery programs.
  • Leadership opportunities in Nebraska's collegiate recovery community.
  • Referrals to specialized services, including individual counseling; well-being coaching; tutoring; and financial aid.

CRC led me by the hand in my recovery. I was too afraid to do it alone.

UNL Senior, age 22. In recovery 1 year.

The community vastly improved my feelings towards recovery - changing my focus towards the benefits for myself for the first time ever. This changed every aspect of my life including relationships, work ethic, and mental health. I found forever friends that support me through the up and downs. This program changed my life and, honestly, probably saved it.

UNL Junior, age 22. In recovery 2 years.

CRC showed me where to find quality meetings and friends. I couldn't stay sober without the fellowship. This fellowship is strong

UNL Senior, age 31. In recovery 7 years.

Do a Self-Check

You can take free and anonymous screenings for alcohol use, prescription drug use, marijuana use, disordered eating, anxiety, well-being, post-traumatic stress, gambling, opioid misuse, psychosis, and adolescent depression.

Each screening only takes two and half minutes. You will receive an anonymous evaluation, immediate feedback, and contact information for a variety of resources and referrals offered at the university and in the community.

Go to ScreenU

Support the CRC with a Donation

Individuals wishing to help students in their journey away from addiction can make monetary donations to a fund established at the University of Nebraska Foundation.

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