Huskers Bounce Back

Nebraska students show icons representing the dimensions of well-being.

Resilience allows students to bounce back from challenge, failure, or hardship. It is a skill set that students can learn and develop to help manage change, hardship and disappointment through behaviors, thoughts, and actions. Most importantly, resilience helps students use the experience of adversity to enhance flexibility, overall functioning and well-being.

Big Red Resilience provides dynamic, innovative activities that emphasize gratitude and help students manage stress, understand their emotions, build upon their strengths, connect with others, develop grit and navigate transitions.

What does this look like at Nebraska?

• 58% of students rate their overall stress as more than average to tremendous.

• 1 in 4 students report that stress affected their academic performance.

• Nearly 30% of students report that a career-related issue has been traumatic or very difficult to handle.

• 27% of students report that personal finances have been traumatic or difficult to handle.

Data from the National College Health Assessment, 2016.