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CashCourse is a free resource for UNL students to use. They offer worksheets on budgeting, informational videos, a financial calculator and a budgeting wizard to help.

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Financial Well-being Ambassadors are trained to support students and provide a friendly connection to talk about finances. They assist students in overcoming financial difficulties by providing connections to resources on campus and in the community in a nonjudgmental and confidential way.

During one-on-one sessions, students:

  • Improve their financial understanding.
  • Learn how to reduce debt and increase savings.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Establish strategies to help decrease financial concerns.
  • Learn how to navigate CashCourse.

As a piece of overall well-being, financial concerns can greatly impact other elements of well-being. Ambassadors will discuss finances, while also addressing wholistic well-being.

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Common Session Topics

Creating Your Own Spending Plan Get your financial life on track by setting financial goals, creating a spending plan, and learning how to repay debt
Building Good Credit Learn the keys to good credit management, including understanding your credit score and credit report and responsible use of credit cards
Managing Debt & Getting Out of Debt Learn how to successfully manage student loans, credit cards, and other types of debt, including creating a debt repayment plan
Planning for Major Purchases Learn what factors to consider before you make major purchases, including buying a home or a car
Moving Off Campus Get assistance with developing an off-campus budget and weighing your housing options.
Understanding Financial Aid Understand and learn how to manage your student loans, including creating a debt repayment plan and the importance of balancing work and school
Preparing for Life After College Graduating soon? We can help you prepare for the expenses of moving and help you create a budget with you new salary. We can also talk about insurance and investing basics and employee benefits
Get Assistance With Your Financial Problems Let us know what specific financial challenges you are encountering and we will help you find solutions to overcome your challenges, including helping you create an action plan for success

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Financial well-being presentations offer interactive sessions for students on a variety of topics. All presentations are free, including for classes, student organizations, residence halls and fraternity and sorority life.

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Budgeting for Life After College This workshop will give soon-to-be and recent graduates the information and tools they need to prepare themselves for inevitable changes in their financial situations. In addition to explaining the connection between income and career, this workshop will provide students with a budgeting worksheet and several money management tips specifically for new graduates as well as discuss potential income vs. actual expenses.
Budgeting: Keeping Track of Your Money This workshop will help your students understand that money management is less overwhelming than they may think. The budgeting presentation will cover the difference between fixed and variable expenses and between needs and wants, as well as provide students with CashCourse tools that can help them create their own budgets.
Credit: Everything You Need to Know This workshop provides students with the basics of all things credit. After debunking some common credit myths, students will learn how credit is reported and the pros and cons of using credit; they will also receive some tools to start building good credit (or get bad credit back on track).
Dealing with Debt This workshop provides valuable information to all students – regardless of whether or not they are currently dealing with debt problems. This presentation reviews signs of debt distress in addition to providing strategies for avoiding quick fixes and recovering from debt as quickly as possible.
Getting Ahead on the Job This workshop will help students understand the job search process and how to make the most of employee benefits. The working world is often uncharted territory for college students, but this workshop can help students better understand the job search process and what to expect when starting a new job. Including how to compare job offers, make the most of employee benefits, and make a great first impression at a new job, this workshop takes students from beginning to end through the job search process.
UInvesting in Yourself: What CashCourse Can Do for You This workshop kit will help your students recognize the value of personal financial education and provide them with money management tips. It will also share with them an overview of the different resources available to them through CashCourse.
Money Management: Actions You Can Take Today This workshop kit provides students of all knowledge levels with an overview of several money management topics. From monitoring spending to protecting credit, the Money Management workshop will help your students feel more prepared and in control of their own finances.
Money Potholes: 10 Things to Avoid In this workshop kit, you will find information on 10 common money traps that students often fall prey to. In addition to a description of what these "potholes" are, students will also be given the information they need to avoid needing quick fixes in the first place, as well as strategies for solving problems without these quick fixes, should they find themselves in a bind.
Pay What You Owe: It’s the Right Way to Go This workshop will help students understand the terms of their loans and repayment options. Student loans are a reality for the majority of college students, but many students are overwhelmed by their borrowing and repayment options. This workshop kit will help your students become more comfortable with the terms of their loans and better understand the importance of paying back these loans.
Parents: Helping Your Student Succeed Financially in College This workshop is perfect for parents during orientation! This workshop kit will provide parents with the tools they need to effectively educate their students on different personal finance topics. After the workshop, parents will be able to explain and discuss ways to recognize and prevent identity theft, actions that impact credit scores, options for paying for college, and more.