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Be Well. Live Well.

Raises students' awareness using the nine dimensions of wellness, motivates students to make important changes that reduce risks and enhance their quality of life, and identifies wellness practices that they can integrate into their everyday lives. (30 minutes)

Self Care 101

Encourages students to achieve balance in their lives. Highlights self-care practices, mindfulness practices, effective coping skills, and ways to foster positive thinking. Promotes stress-relieving strategies and help-seeking behaviors. (30 minutes)

Relax & Unwind

Helps students understand their susceptibility to stress, motivates them to make important changes that will reduce risks and enhance the quality of their lives. Students will engage in some short and fun activities to unwind. The presentation concludes with some information on how setting SMART goals can help with stress management. (30 minutes)

All About Big Red Resilience & Well-being

An overview of services provided by Big Red Resilience & Well-being. This presentation is great for students who may be hesitant to seek help and need information about the resources provided by Big Red Resilience & Well-being. (30 minutes)

Request REACH Suicide Prevention Training

Anyone can help prevent suicide by learning the risk factors, warning signs, and how to intervene. (90 minutes)

Request Step UP! Bystander Intervention Training

Has there ever been a time when you felt, or even knew, something was wrong and wanted to help, but didn't? Learn how to Step UP! (90 minutes)

Request the Body Acceptance Program

The Body Acceptance Program is a dissonance-based body-acceptance workshop. It is designed to help college-age women resist and challenge sociocultural pressures to conform to the thin-ideal and reduce their pursuit of unrealistic appearance standards. (2 sessions of 2 hours each)

Financial Well-being

SMM Services

This presentation is great for departments and staff who are wanting to learn more about what Student Money Management does and what services we provide for students. This presentation is also ideal for student groups who only have 5-10 minutes of time available. (5-15 minutes)

Money Management for Undergraduates

This presentation is great for student clubs, organizations, and classes who have students ranging from freshmen to seniors. This workshop includes information on spending and budgeting, credit, credit scores, and credit reports, and student loan and financial aid basics. (30-90 minutes)

Money Management for First-Year Students

Perfect for first-year students, this workshop includes information on spending and budgeting, credit, credit scores, and credit reports, and student loan and financial aid basics.(30-90 minutes)

Money Management for International Students

This workshop is geared toward international students and includes information on American banking and banking fees, credit, credit cards, money traps to avoid, and spending and budgeting.(30-60 minutes)

Moving Off Campus

This workshop includes the pros and cons of moving off campus, how to plan for the costs of moving off campus, information on credit and budgeting, and more! (30-45 minutes)

Credit & Debt

What is credit, what are credit scores and credit reports, and why are they useful, and information on debt repayment methods.(15-30 minutes)

Retirement and Investing

Learn about the basics of investing and planning for retirement.(15-60 minutes)

Big Purchases- Buying a Car or a House

Learn how to wisely maneuver through the car-buying process, and learn the steps to purchasing a home and how to prepare for a big purchase.(30-45 minutes)

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Learn the basics of creating a spending plan and tips on how to save money on food.(15-30 minutes)

Life After College

Learn about employer benefits, student loan repayment, investing basics, and more!(45-90 minutes)

Reducing Student Loan Debt & Repaying Student Loans

An in-depth look at student loans and financial aid and student loan repayment plans.(15-45 minutes)

Budgeting and Saving Money

Learn the basics of money management to keep your wallet "happy." (15-60 minutes)

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