Well-being & Resilience Workshops

Big Red Resilience & Well-being empowers students to positively manage their well-being by teaching students about the science of happiness and gratitude, and how to manage worry, set-backs, and stressors. The following interactive workshops, led by Well-being Ambassadors and BRRWB staff members, help students achieve balance and thrive in all areas of their lives.

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Be Well. Live Well.

Raises students' awareness using the nine dimensions of wellness, motivates students to make important changes that reduce risks and enhance their quality of life, and identifies wellness practices that they can integrate into their everyday lives. (45 minutes)

Being Financially "Well-thy"

Educates students about maintaining financial wellness by budgeting, managing their expenses, saving, and finding other resources that support their financial wellness. Includes a list of both campus and outside resources. (30 minutes)

Easy Meditation

Increases knowledge about meditation and its benefits. Students learn skills and practices that help keep them grounded. (45 minutes)

Eating Healthy on a College Budget

Topics range from learning the basics of nutrition, creating shopping lists, tackling cravings, and establishing convenient and cost-friendly ways to shop for and cook healthy meals. (30 minutes)

For Perfectionists

Examines the differences between perfectionism and healthy functioning. Provides strategies to set healthy goals. This workshop will benefit anyone who sees perfectionistic traits in themselves and wants to explore this concept in their lives. (45 minutes)

Keep Calm & Self Care

Encourages students to achieve balance in their lives. Highlights self-care practices, mindfulness practices, effective coping skills, and ways to foster positive thinking. Promotes stress-relieving strategies and help-seeking behaviors. (45 minutes)

Relax & Unwind

Helps students understand their susceptibility to stress, motivates them to make important changes that will reduce risks and enhance the quality of their lives. Students will learn mindfulness skills that will benefit them long-term and will set SMART goals related to their stress. (45 minutes)

Social Well-being

Improves understanding of emotional health, strengths, and weaknesses in regards to meeting new people. Provides practical ways to meet new people and to build a community on campus. (30 minutes)

Communicating for Healthy Relationships

Highlights ways to communicate in relationships and challenges students to think critically about what they value in relationships. Teaches students about boundaries and what they value most in their relationships. (60 minutes)

Well-being Ambassadors

We are selected from the undergraduate student body to support the mission of Big Red Resilience & Well-being by presenting programs about topics related to student well-being. Our work across campus makes a difference in the lives of other students. We increase awareness, encourage safer behaviors, create informed decision-makers, and enhance the health and well being of our peers.

If you'd like to volunteer as a Well-being Ambassador, contact Laura Shell.

Photo of Monica Angeletti

Monica Angeletti

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Biological Sciences

I became a Well-Being Ambassador to interact with other students on campus while providing relevent and meaningful health education.

My favorite self care routine is listening to music

Photo of Kat Brown

Kat Brown

(she, her, hers)
Sophomore in Elementary Education

I became a Well-Being Ambassador because I am passionate about bettering the world, even if it's a small change.

My favorite self care routine is turning on some music and having a dance party with my best friends in our living room

Photo of Raylie Dinterman

Raylie Dinterman

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Community Health and Wellness from Riverside, California

I became a Well-being Ambassador because my first 2 years of college were extremely rough and I wanted to be apart of this great group of people who strive to improve every student's well-being! I was not aware of the great resources we have on campus and I wanted to be one of the people who lets others know they aren't alone and help is out there.

My favorite self-care routine is a face mask, watching The Office, and cuddling with my puppy, Rocky (when he's in the mood to cuddle)!

Photo of Eric Hanzel

Eric Hanzel

(he, him, his)
Junior in Community Health and Wellness from Columbus, Nebraska

I became a Well-Being Ambassador so assist undergraduate students in dealing with well-being issues such as stress and mental health. I have struggled with these in the past and wanted to provide students with the same resources and support that I received in order to overcome the difficult times that emerge in college.

My favorite self-care routine is making time to see and hang out with friends. I'm a very social person enjoy the supportive and close relationships as they help me destress.

Photo of Maizie Humm

Maizie Humm

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Community Health and Wellness & Sociology from Lincoln, Nebraska

I became a Well-Being Ambassador to help create a campus community that prioritzes wellness in all dimensions of health

My favorite self care routine is winding down to watch a good movie or show

Photo of Megan Joyce

Megan Joyce

(she, her, hers)
Sophomore in Community Health and Wellness

I became a well-being ambassador because I struggled to adjust to college and I want to be able to reach out to other students that are struggling in the way that I wish someone would have reached out to me. I truly believe that people need to feel supported and loved in order to be their best selves.

My favorite self care routine is taking time to go outside and focus on my senses. I like to look at the colors of nature , smell the flowers, and feel the sun and the breeze!

Photo of Hailey Nielsen

Hailey Nielsen

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Biology from Iowa City, Iowa

I became a Well-being Ambassador because I think it's important for college students to learn how to handle the challenges college brings. Well-being is important because your well-being impacts all aspects of your life, from social to physical health and everything in between.

My favorite way to take care of myself is putting on a face mask and watching an episode on Netflix. 

Photo of Kate Rautio

Kate Rautio

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences from Minnetonka, Minnesota

I became a Well-Being Ambassador because i wanted to spread awareness about all the different aspects of well-being and make connections with my fellow students.

My favorite self care routine is drinking coffee and waching Harry Potter

Photo of Lily Snow

Lily Snow

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Community Health and Wellness from Wheaton, Illinois
Photo of Chin May Teoh

Chin May Teoh

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Nutrition & Dietetics

I became a Well-being coach because I want to contribute to the community. Helping people makes me feel happy.

My favorite self-care routine would be drinking a cup of latte in a cold weather and listening to music.

Photo of Lucas Wilkinson

Lucas Wilkinson

(he, him, his)
Junior in Biological Sciences