Well-being Coach Directory

Photo of Baudelio Abrica Anguiana

Baudelio Abrica Anguiana

(he, him, his)

I am a UNL senior majoring in Psychology with minors in 1) Educational Psychology, 2) Sociology, and 3) Ethnic studies. I am also a first-generation, non-traditional college student originally from the state of Jalisco, Mexico, but raised in sunny Southern California. I am currently applying to graduate programs in Psychology-more on that as I figure it out.

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Photo of Kiki Amalia

Kiki Amalia

(she, her, hers)

I am a Master's student in Statistics, and my focus area is Statistics Education. I am from Indonesia, a country who has more than 15,000 islands. I came here as a first generation college student and a Fulbright scholar. I am enjoying my free time by talking to people, watching movies, listening to the music and cooking. I love children and cats.

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Photo of Corbyn Ayer

Corbyn Ayer

(she, her, hers)

I am a junior psychology student pursuing minors in business and sociology.  Some fun facts about me are that I love playing volleyball (mainly intramural) and watching movies (especially Harry Potter)!

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Photo of Maiya Ballesteros

Maiya Ballesteros

(she, her, hers)

I am a junior majoring in psychology on the pre-med track, and I hope to one day be an adolescent psychiatrist. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska.  In my free time I really enjoy spending time with my silver lab, Bella, as well as listening to music.

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Photo of Jillian Black

Jillian Black

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Animal Science

I am studying animal science with a focus in equine so that I can have a career working with horses, perhaps as a trainer or stable manager. I have been riding for about ten years, but never had my own horse yet so it is my goal to learn as much about them here at UNL as possible. Other than riding, in my free time I like to read, watch movies, listen to music, and coloring or crafts.

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Photo of Dalton Brannen

Dalton Brannen

(he, him, his)

Hello! My name is Dalton and I am a sophomore studying international business with a minor in Spanish and communication studies. I love to travel, this year I have visited Panamá, Florida, California, and Colorado. I am from Minnesota and love the outdoors.  I am looking forward to working with you, thanks for taking the time to meet with a Well-Being Coach!

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Photo of Sally Brechbill

Sally Brechbill

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Psychology and Sociology from Stanton, Nebraska

I love my two cats, Marley and Mouse, and I love listening to music and going to concerts.

I think being a peer coach would be a perfect opportunity to get experience for the career path that I want to pursue, and I want to help make the campus a safe environment for everyone.

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Photo of Kymberly Caddell

Kymberly Caddell

(she, her, hers)
1st year PhD student-Educational Psychology (Development and Learning Sciences)

I grew up in Norfolk, NE, and came to UNL as a first generation college student and Buffet Scholar. I graduated with my bachelors in psychology and Spanish from UNL in 2012. Hablo Espanol. I graduated with my masters in social work from UNO in 2014, and just started a PhD program in Educational Psychology with the hope of one day being a professor in psychology or social work. 

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Photo of Meg Credit

Meg Credit

(they, them, theirs)

I am a second-year Counseling Psychology master’s student who is passionate about the well-being of students, especially those of marginalized identities. I’ve resided in Ohio for the majority of my life and am now chilling and growing in Nebraska.

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Photo of Cameron Downes

Cameron Downes

(he, him, his)

Greetings, I am Cameron Downes, a Junior Child, Youth, and Family Studies major from Lincoln, Nebraska. I am avid runner and exercise enthusiast. I love meeting new people on our wonderful campus, and am excited to connect with students through this program. I have worked in child care for about two years now, at the Cooper YMCA here in Lincoln.

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Photo of Katie Forrest

Katie Forrest

(she, her, hers)

I am a second-year masters student pursuing a degree in Educational Administration with an emphasis in Student Affairs Administration.  I’m from Illinois, but I’ve also lived in Wisconsin, California and now Nebraska. Also … flaming hot Cheetos are my go-to snack.

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Photo of Sarah Gibbons-Peterson

Sarah Gibbons-Peterson

(she, her, hers)

Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a sophomore majoring in Speech Pathology. I hope to one day help people of all ages with communication disorders and make a difference in their lives. I'm from Minnesota, so I love going to the lake. I also have family that lives on Cape Cod, so I love the ocean too. Some of my interests are eating yummy food, painting, and playing the piano and guitar. 

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Photo of Karah Joyner

Karah Joyner

(she, her, hers)

I am a sophomore psychology major from Aurora, NE. I am interested in becoming a clinical psychologist who will work with veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTSD).  I am originally from Kinston, North Carolina. A fun and interesting fact about me is that I absolutely love any and all Disney movies and can recite every word from Finding Nemo.

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Photo of Alaina Lampe

Alaina Lampe

(she, her, hers)

I am currently a junior studying Human Development and Family Science with minors in Psychology, Sociology, and Art.  I'm involved on campus with the University Ambassadors and The Navigators.  I am an employee at the UNL Children's Center.  I love working out, exploring, being with others, and watching movies.

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Photo of Dorcas Mandungu

Dorcas Mandungu

(she, her, hers)

I’m a sophomore, pre-med student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biology and political science. I’ve been living in Lincoln NE since 2013 from D.R.Congo. My first language is French and I enjoy helping my friends practice their French. I’m currently involved with my former high school’s F.C.A ( The Fellowship of Christian Athletes) as one of the leaders.

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Photo of Veronica "Roni" Miller

Veronica "Roni" Miller

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Spanish and Political Science

I am a junior, fourth-generation (recently turned) out-of-state Husker, and one of four children with a real love for language, appreciation for inclusivity, and a desire to challenge the status quo. I am involved in ASUN Student Government as a Senator for the College of Arts & Sciences and the Chair for the Campus Life and Safety Committee. 

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Photo of Jake Modica

Jake Modica

(he, him, his)

I am a senior marketing major from Naperville, IL. As the Mental Health Advocate for my fraternity I set up REACH training for the chapter and conduct one on one meetings with members. Whether it is something serious or they just need someone to talk to I am there for them. I have really enjoyed being able to help people, and I hope that I can do the same thing in this position.

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Photo of Kimberly Montoya

Kimberly Montoya

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Educational Psychology from Grand Island, Nebraska

I am a Senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Educational Psychology. I was born in Chino, California but grew up in Grand Island, Nebraska, and I love them both! I have a heart for family, friends and traveling to new places. 

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Photo of Kayla Ney

Kayla Ney

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Biological Systems Engineering

I have always loved science. Within my major, I am most interested in biomedical engineering. In my free time, I like going on runs, reading, writing, and painting. I am also in the Honors Program and serve as an Honors Ambassador. I am also interested in sustainability, and serve as the sustainability chair in my sorority. 

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Photo of Charles Peterson

Charles Peterson

(he, him, his)

My name is Charles Peterson and I am a Junior Economics and Finance major. I am an out of state student from KC, and am a huge sports fan (GO CHIEFS). I enjoy working out, healthy eating, and spending time with my fraternity. I came to CAPS my sophomore year for help with some body and eating issues, and I am very familiar with how those things can put stress on the rest of your life.

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Photo of Yassine Rfissa

Yassine Rfissa

(he, him, his)

 Hello! I'm Yassine. The most satisfying thing about being a Well-being Coach is to be able to wake up every day, knowing that I'm making a positive impact on someone's life.

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Photo of Jenna Riley

Jenna Riley

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Biological Sciences

I enjoy getting involved at school and meeting new people. I’m a member of Pre-Health Club and am really interested in being a PA in pediatrics one day. I also like participating in activities at the Newman Center and am in a bible study. I love staying active by doing things like running, basketball, and sand volleyball with my friends.

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Photo of Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez

(he, him, his)

I am currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in Educational Psychology and Spanish. I am a first generation student and this will be my fourth year at UNL! I will be the first in my family to graduate from a 4-year institution. I am currently involved with Men of Vision an interest group for Omega Delta Phi, Fraternity and the Mexican American Student Association (MASA).

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Photo of Harrison Sanny

Harrison Sanny

(he, him, his)
Junior in Biological Sciences from Kearney, Nebraska

I’m from Kearney, Nebraska and I love the NBA and college football. My favorite teams are the Denver Nuggets and—of course—the Huskers. I love listening to a variety of music and I also play basketball at the Rec quite often. I am a member of Pre-Dental Club and enjoy going to the Newman Center. 

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Photo of Iris Tabora

Iris Tabora

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Elementary Education from Omaha, Nebraska

I’m from Omaha, Nebraska. Even though I’m from Omaha I graduated from Papillion-La Vista high school.  During my high school years, I did many clubs such as D.E.C.A, Spanish Club, French Club and I also ran track. Outside of school, I am really close to my family. I am the oldest of five (two brothers and two sisters).

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Photo of Andromede Uwase

Andromede Uwase

(she, her, hers)

I am Andromede, people prefer to call me Andy. I am a sophomore doing Integrated Science major and a minor in Biochemistry.I am from Rwanda, a country of thousands hills in East Africa. I love people and I enjoy to hangout with my friends in break time.I enjoy the gym and physical fitness activities and YOGA is my favorite.

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Photo of Peyton Walker

Peyton Walker

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Pre-Law from Fort Collins, Colorado

I am one of four children and my home is in Fort Collins, Colorado. I love to hike and spend time outside. I’m also very religious as my faith shapes my life and encourages me to be the best person I can be. 

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Photo of Clayton Wilson

Clayton Wilson

(he, him, his)
Junior in Psychology from Kearney, Nebraska

I was born and raised in Kearney, Nebraska so I’ve always been a big Husker fan. I have one older brother and a Saint Bernard dog named Duke. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, watching TV, playing video games, and playing basketball at the Rec. I also help lead a youth group at Hope Community Church with middle and high school aged kids.

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Photo of Allison Wood

Allison Wood

(she, her, hers)

I am currently a Sophomore majoring in Special Education and Elementary Education. I am involved on campus with Nebraska College Preparatory Academy and CEHS Advisory Broad. I was born and raised in Omaha,NE.  In my free time I love to hang out with some of my friends, relax, and love to watch the Kansas City Royals.

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Photo of Duncan Works

Duncan Works

(he, him, his)

I am a sophomore Biochemistry major from Lincoln, Nebraska. I enjoy being involved around campus and getting to meet new people from different backgrounds. I also enjoy working out, playing board games, and eating good food. My dream is to pursue a career as a physician ideally in fields such as psychology and oncology.

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Photo of Hilary Sayre

Hilary Sayre

(she, her, hers)

I am a law student in my third and final year. I am an out-of-state student originally from Texas and winters are particularly brutal on me. I survive by snuggling up in oversized scarves, drinking copious amounts of tea, and piling on fuzzy blankets! I have a great passion for well-being and want to help you thrive at UNL! 

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