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Well-Being Outreach Team

Well-being Outreach Team

The Well-being Outreach Team empowers students to positively manage their well-being by teaching students about the science of happiness and gratitude, and how to manage worry, set-backs, and stressors. Well-being team members & BRRWB staff members lead interactive workshops to increase awareness, encourage safer behaviors, create informed decision-makers, and enhance the health and well-being of peers.

Students interested in volunteering for the Well-being Outreach Team should contact Sarah Qualsett.

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Photo of Syrah Andrews

Syrah Andrews

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Secondary Math Education from Omaha, NE

This is my first year of being a Well-Being Ambassador and I am so excited for the rest of the year! I like to spend some of my free time singing karaoke with my friends and cooking new recipes.

I became a Well-being Ambassador because my roommate, Megan Joyce, was one last year and it seemed like the most inclusive and supportive group, so I applied right away.  

Well-being is important because a lot of people neglect their own well health and the 9 dimensions of well-being, and don’t know how big of an impact focusing some of your energy on yourself can make your outlook on life.

My favorite self-care regimen is cleaning my room, making some hot tea, and watching one of my favorite shows such as New Girl! 

Photo of Alexa Fernandez Bravo

Alexa Fernandez Bravo

(she, her, hers)
I am a first-year graduate student getting my Master's in Geology.

 I completed my undergrad at UNL being a double major in Geology and Chemistry, and a math minor. A fun fact about me is I am from Costa Rica, and I was a student-athlete during my undergraduate career here at UNL.  

Photo of Alicia Green

Alicia Green

(she, her, hers)
Photo of Apoorva Mitra

Apoorva Mitra

(she, her, hers)

I am a senior majoring in premed, Psychology with a Biology minor. After I graduate I want to get my masters in forensics psychology and pursue a career as a neonatal surgeon. 

I love to go mushroom hunting, play rainbow six siege, lift weights and spend time with family and friends.

Photo of Kate Riordan

Kate Riordan

(she, her, hers)

I am a premed, psychology major.

I chose to be a coach because I love to help others explore their wellbeing!

I am minoring in German and I play 8 musical instruments.

Photo of Joelle Sanger

Joelle Sanger

(she, her, hers)
I am a senior biology major

Hi there! I’m a senior biology major and I hope to become a licensed mental health counselor when I grow up. In my free time I love running, spending time with my friends, and watching Netflix.

Photo of Aline Mwiza Uwashimimana

Aline Mwiza Uwashimimana

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Integrated Sciences from Rwanda

I am from Rwanda and I belong to a family of nine people. Two parents and 6 siblings. I am passionate about impacting the lives of people around me. In the future I am open to any career that involves working with people especially vulnerable communities to make their lives better.

I have become a Well-being Ambassador because it is a perfect opportunity for me to start impacting the lives of others. It allows me to share tips of well-being which brings me a sense of fulfillment because it is something I love. Being a Well-being Ambassador teaches me different ways to improve other people's well-being, simply using the resources at hand. It teaches me that the world does not need a lot of resources to bring change into people's lives but simply a heart that is willing to help.

Well-being is important because it allows us to live to our full potential. It is when one is in good health that their talents are fully and efficiently harnessed. Well-being brings joy and happiness into people's lives and there is no better place like a place around happy people. 

My favorite self-care regimen is eating healthy food (lots of vegetables and drinking enough water), getting enough sleep, hanging around people and finally setting daily goals and making sure I achieve them all.


Photo of Ashleigh Welch

Ashleigh Welch

(she, her, hers)
I’m a junior Psychology and Spanish major from Lincoln, Nebraska.

I don’t know what I want to do with my degrees once I graduate, but I plan to study abroad in Spain next year and go on to graduate school in the next few years! This is my second year as an RA in Harper Hall, and I am involved in the Cultural Ambassadors club on campus.