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Well-Being Ambassadors

Well-being Ambassadors

Well-being Ambassadors empower students to positively manage their well-being by teaching students about the science of happiness and gratitude, and how to manage worry, set-backs, and stressors. Well-being Ambassadors & BRRWB staff members lead interactive workshops to increase awareness, encourage safer behaviors, create informed decision-makers, and enhance the health and well-being of peers.

Students interested in volunteering as a Well-being Ambassador should contact Laura Shell.

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Photo of Syrah Andrews

Syrah Andrews

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Secondary Math Education from Omaha, NE

This is my first year of being a Well-Being Ambassador and I am so excited for the rest of the year! I like to spend some of my free time singing karaoke with my friends and cooking new recipes.

I became a Well-being Ambassador because my roommate, Megan Joyce, was one last year and it seemed like the most inclusive and supportive group, so I applied right away.  

Well-being is important because a lot of people neglect their own well health and the 9 dimensions of well-being, and don’t know how big of an impact focusing some of your energy on yourself can make your outlook on life.

My favorite self-care regimen is cleaning my room, making some hot tea, and watching one of my favorite shows such as New Girl! 

Photo of Sarah Babcock

Sarah Babcock

(she, her, hers)
Sophomore in Computer Science/Pre-PA from Omaha, NE

I’m originally from Omaha, NE. I love being a part of this team! My favorite color is yellow and my favorite thing to do in my free time is jam out to songs with my roommates.

I became a Well-being Ambassador to get involved and be a part of such an important and inspiring community on campus. It’s a place where I can help lift others up while also being lifted up by others.

Well-being is important for when life throws its curveballs. Having an overall good well-being can help defer you from letting the stress of a single-event make everything spiral, and helps you focus on the bigger picture and remember the other well-being dimensions that are going well and balanced. 

My favorite self-care regimen is either going to the rec and playing basketball with some friends or chilling on the couch with some friends and watching a movie.

Photo of Jillian Bierbower

Jillian Bierbower

(she, her, hers)
From Lincoln, NE

I became a Well-being Ambassador because I wanted to educate others on how they can live a balanced life through the dimensions of well-being.  Well-being is important to learn about and be aware of because of how much it impacts your life.  Having a balanced well-being allows you to thrive and prosper in your life and leaves you feeling fulfilled.  My favorite self-care regimen is relaxing and watching a movie but if I want to be active I like to walk around campus and listen to music when it's cooler out.

Photo of Grace Briley

Grace Briley

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Psychology from Palmyra, NE

I became a Well-Being Ambassador to help people. There's something so remarkable about making a difference in someone's day. I strive to be a positive influence in as many ways as I can, and have found Big Red Resilience & Well-Being to provide me with many opportunities in making a difference.

I'm from a small town and had a hard time adjusting to UNL. Different environments can really affect your mental health! I found that I needed to step up my self-care routine by practicing mindfulness. It could be as simple as really taking your time while eating breakfast, or thinking about each step as you walk to class. Just be aware and in the moment, and appreciate what you can experience!!

Photo of Kat Brown

Kat Brown

(she, her, hers)
Sophomore in Elementary Education

I became a Well-Being Ambassador because I am passionate about bettering the world, even if it's a small change.

My favorite self care routine is turning on some music and having a dance party with my best friends in our living room

Photo of Eric Hanzel

Eric Hanzel

(he, him, his)
Junior in Community Health and Wellness from Columbus, Nebraska

I became a Well-Being Ambassador so assist undergraduate students in dealing with well-being issues such as stress and mental health. I have struggled with these in the past and wanted to provide students with the same resources and support that I received in order to overcome the difficult times that emerge in college.

My favorite self-care routine is making time to see and hang out with friends. I'm a very social person enjoy the supportive and close relationships as they help me destress.

Sandhya Karki

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Nutrition and Health Science (major) and Psychology and Sociology (minors) from Nepal

I like meeting new people and learning from them. I choose to become a Well-being Ambassador as I’m a service-oriented person who loves giving service and spreading happiness to everyone around me. I want to help everyone in any way I can. For me, nothing comes first than well-being, as one cannot perform well in life without being in a state of good well-being. My favorite self- care regime is staying hydrated and enjoying as much as time with nature.

Emma Mays

(she, her, hers)
Sophomore in Political Science from Hastings, Nebraska

I became a Well-being Ambassador because I wanted to show others how little changes can make big impacts. 

My favorite self-care routine is going for a long run and using that time to focus on the positive aspects of my life. 

Photo of Noele Smith

Noele Smith

(she, her, hers)
Senior in Community Health and Wellness from Omaha, NE

I grew up in a family that valued a lot of the different dimensions of well-being, so I am lucky to have a solid foundation in them, especially physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being! I became a Well-being Ambassador to further my passion of helping others become their most healthy and happy self. I also love being able to be surrounded with others who have the same passions about well-being as I do, as it is nice to find community in this way. One cannot be the best versions of themselves if they are lacking in overall well-being. Because of this, well-being is vital so that you can be continue through life being at peace knowing you can tackle any obstacle with strength!

My favorite self-care regimen is going for sunrise or sunset walks and enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer us.

Photo of Jessica Stump

Jessica Stump

(she, her, hers)
Sophomore in Political Science & Psychology from Bakersfield, CA

Hello all! My name is Jessica, and I’m from Bakersfield, California. I became a Well-being Ambassador because I am passionate about approaching life in a holistic, balanced way. I believe strongly in the importance of each of the nine dimensions of well-being. I want to share my knowledge and passion with other students on campus. Well-being is essential to a successful collegiate experience. Although perfect balance is not possible, striving to better ourselves in each area allows us to improve our quality of life and our capacity to live in the moment while preparing for a successful, fulfilling future. My favorite self-care regimen is crocheting in the evenings to relax and unwind!

Photo of Aline Mwiza Uwashimimana

Aline Mwiza Uwashimimana

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Integrated Sciences from Rwanda

I am from Rwanda and I belong to a family of nine people. Two parents and 6 siblings. I am passionate about impacting the lives of people around me. In the future I am open to any career that involves working with people especially vulnerable communities to make their lives better.

I have become a Well-being Ambassador because it is a perfect opportunity for me to start impacting the lives of others. It allows me to share tips of well-being which brings me a sense of fulfillment because it is something I love. Being a Well-being Ambassador teaches me different ways to improve other people's well-being, simply using the resources at hand. It teaches me that the world does not need a lot of resources to bring change into people's lives but simply a heart that is willing to help.

Well-being is important because it allows us to live to our full potential. It is when one is in good health that their talents are fully and efficiently harnessed. Well-being brings joy and happiness into people's lives and there is no better place like a place around happy people. 

My favorite self-care regimen is eating healthy food (lots of vegetables and drinking enough water), getting enough sleep, hanging around people and finally setting daily goals and making sure I achieve them all.


Photo of Karlie Van Meter

Karlie Van Meter

(she, her, hers)
Sophomore in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management from Lincoln, Nebraska

I became a Well-being Ambassador because I wanted to spread awareness and educate the student body, including myself on how to be healthy within all aspects of your personal well-being. 

My favorite self-care routine is putting on music, turning off my phone notifications, and taking a walk.

Photo of Sam Vernon

Sam Vernon

(he, him, his)
Sophomore in Criminal Justice from Lincoln, NE

I am a Criminal Justice major from Lincoln, NE. I became a Well-being Ambassador because I think it's important to spread awareness for mental health. Mental health and well-being are an important aspect to life, especially in college. I want to become aware of the different aspects of mental health for myself, but also so I can teach others the significance of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Photo of Lucas Wilkinson

Lucas Wilkinson

(he, him, his)
Senior in Biological Sciences