REACH Training

Suicide prevention is a shared campus responsibility. Join the REACH© movement. Save a life!

Anyone can help prevent suicide by learning the risk factors, warning signs, and how to intervene. REACH© is the name of the UNL suicide prevention gatekeeper training program designed to help the UNL community prevent suicide by teaching faculty, staff and students how to:

  • Recognize warning signs
  • Engage with empathy
  • Ask directly about suicide
  • Communicate hope
  • Help suicidal individuals to access care and treatment

Get help now.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
800-273-TALK (8255)
Text 4HOPE to 741-741

UNL Counseling & Psych. Services
2nd floor of HCCN, 550 N. 19th St.

Big Red Resilience & Well-Being offers REACH© trainings only to university- and student- affiliated organizations, departments, colleges and programs. The training is designed to last 90 minutes and cannot be shortened. If you cannot allot a 90-minute block, contact BRRWB to discuss further options. Participants who finish the 90-minute training receive certificates and lapel pins verifying their completion of the program.

You must provide at least two to three weeks notice prior to your proposed training date. We will contact you within a week upon receiving your request to confirm your training date.

The REACH© program is licensed to the University of Nebraska by The Ohio State University Suicide Prevention Program.