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Money Coaching FAQs

Who can schedule a Money Coaching session?

Any member of the UNL community can schedule an appointment with us, including all UNL students, staff, faculty, and alumni (our focus is alumni who have graduated in the past 5 years). Click here to choose a financial coach, and the date and time that work best for you. If you do not have access to MyPlan (through Canvas), please contact us to schedule an appointment.

What should I bring to my Money Coaching session?

You can bring anything that you think will help us help you. This could include:

  • Bank account statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Loan information
  • A list of your expenses and income

Are Money Coaching sessions confidential?

Sessions are completely confidential. Money coaches will never tell anyone else that you came in for a session unless you want us to.

How long does a Money Coaching session take?

We schedule for an hour long session to make sure that we have enough time to talk with you, but most sessions take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Is there any charge for a Money Coaching session?

No, all services offered by Student Money Management are free of charge for UNL students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

How often do I need to meet with my Money Coach?

You should meet with your Money Coach until you are confident that you have the knowledge and skills to successfully manage your financial life. Simply schedule another appointment if you need more help or have more questions. You can schedule refresher sessions throughout your college career to make sure that you stay on the right path to financial success.

What can Money Coaches NOT help me with?

Money Coaches cannot do the following:

  • Do financial tasks for you
  • Make financial decisions for you
  • Sell financial products or services during sessions
  • Venture into money management education areas beyond the scope of UNL Student Money Management

How would a Money Coaching session benefit me?

Money coaches help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage your financial life. Sessions are focused on the areas of immediate interest to the individual. Thus, no two sessions are alike. However, money coaches focus on helping you achieve a successful financial life.

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