Jenna Riley

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Meeting location:
127 HCCN (Health Center)

Jenna Riley

(she, her, hers)
Junior in Biological Sciences

I enjoy getting involved at school and meeting new people. I’m a member of Pre-Health Club and am really interested in being a PA in pediatrics one day. I also like participating in activities at the Newman Center and am in a bible study. I love staying active by doing things like running, basketball, and sand volleyball with my friends.

I thought being a peer coach would be a great way to meet people and form relationships with different types of students at UNL. I enjoy talking to others and helping them get through problems they might have. 

Being healthy and happy makes people feel like they have a purpose in life. Having a problem in one area of well-being can easily affect all the other areas and cause a person distress and discomfort. It’s important to make sure all areas of well-being are taken care of so a person can live to their fullest potential.

Running helps me clear my mind and release stress.

A graphic of the 9 Dimensions of Well-being wheel, with the Socialdimension highlighted.
Social well-being is one of Jenna's strengths.