Harrison Sanny

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127 HCCN (Health Center)

Harrison Sanny

(he, him, his)
Junior in Biological Sciences from Kearney, Nebraska

I’m from Kearney, Nebraska and I love the NBA and college football. My favorite teams are the Denver Nuggets and—of course—the Huskers. I love listening to a variety of music and I also play basketball at the Rec quite often. I am a member of Pre-Dental Club and enjoy going to the Newman Center. 

I want to give students on campus a space to feel comfortable getting advice and talking about whatever may be on their minds. I feel that by simply feeling support from their peers may help students lead happier and more successful college lives.

I believe it’s much harder to take care of things around you if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Self-image and self-care lead to a more positive outlook on life. Feeling better about yourself makes it easier to be motivated and to stay on top of college and everyday life.

Exercise, good music, and face masks is how I take care of myself. I enjoy putting myself in a zone where I feel satisfied with myself and what is going on around me.

VIA Strengths:


A graphic of the 9 Dimensions of Well-being wheel, with the Careerdimension highlighted.
Career well-being is one of Harrison's strengths.