COVID-19 Updates:

Due to COVID-19, we are limiting traffic in our office. We continue to offer services remotely.

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COVID-19 Service Updates

Remote Service Updates

Big Red Resilience and Well-being is here to support our students and the university community. For the latest updates and information, please check back often and follow us on our accounts below and on Student Life social media (@unlstudentlife).

Staff Accessibility

Big Red Resilience & Well-being and Husker Pantry staff are available to offer support and connect you to resources during normal business hours. Please contact them at or

Well-being & Money Coaching

Connect with a trained well-being or money coach who can help you during this stressful time.
Schedule an appointment with a well-being coach.
Schedule an appointment with a money coach.

Husker Recovery Meetings

Husker Recovery meetings are held via zoom on Monday nights at 8 p.m. at Please consult The Bridge Behavioral Health for additional virtual support resources at this time.

Virtual Workshops

Our staff are happy to offer all of our usual outreach presentations digitally. In addition, our staff created a presentation that specifically focuses on Coping with COVID-19. Other relevant topics for the current environment may include Self Care 101, Relax & Unwind, Mindfulness, and Self Compassion. Request a presentation now.

Self-care for Isolation

Watch a short video and review a guide that contains well-being tips for students in isolation. These materials were developed by UNMC nursing students.
Watch now
View the guide

On-Demand Well-being Resources

Check out our new well-being resources that are available when you are.

NEW! Wake Up to Well-being
(3-4 minutes)

Spend a few minutes learning about practicing gratitude, cultivating self-compassion, creating a vision for the future, and more. Topics are added weekly.

NEW! Huskers Bounce Back
(1-2 minutes)

See other students work through common issues like homesickness and demonstrate resilience through daily actions.

Well-being Check-in
(1-2 minutes)

Students can request a short weekly survey to help them navigate personal well-being through the remote learning period.

(1-2 minutes)

Subscribe to the newsletter and view past issues to see what’s going on and get to know our student volunteers.

Well-being Assessment & Recommendations
(10 minutes)

Receive immediate feedback on the nine dimensions of well-being and get connected to resources.

ScreenU Alcohol or ScreenU Marijuana or ScreenU Prescription Drugs
(7 minutes)

Complete a quick, confidential, web-based screening designed for college students. ScreenU provides feedback and strategies to reduce your risk for experiencing negative consequences.

Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training
(60 minutes)